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        Hi There!            I am Doreen Baumann.


 Let me introduce my 

 children's book  

Sid the Fiddler and the Coastal Critters. 

Sid the Fiddler and the Coastal Critters

Sid the Fiddler Crab's island paradise is about to change.

Rhythmic, rhyming, and beautifully illustrated fun-to-read story and a treasure of facts about critters with an eco-friendly message for all to keep the coastal shorelines clean and safe.  



Sid the Fiddler and his Critter friends set a plan into action to save their ocean heaven from plastic pollution and help the tiny sea turtle friends get back to the ocean. 


Perfect for STEM classroom teachers, homeschoolers, and young naturalists who enjoy learning more about ecology, as well as crabs, fish, birds, and other animals that inhabit their beaches and wetlands. 

Fiddler Crab quiz.png

Page 36.

A Bonus Quiz 

Two Books in One

After reading about how the colorful characters help their critter friends, learn more about each critter's habitat in a twelve-page bonus guessing game. 



Rey the Osprey

Follow the Adventures

Sid the Fiddler and the Coastal Critters

is the first book in the Coastal Critter Chronicles, 

a series with environmental conservation messages

about our coastal regions. 

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