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A Very Smart Young Reader

Updated: May 5, 2021

When a smart young seven year old was listening to his grandma read Sid the Fiddler and the Coastal Critters, he guessed that the Critters used seaweed for the sign. Here's my response to him:

Oh Miles! You guessed correctly. The Critters could have used a combination of seaweed and recycled paper waste and created a tough and durable material. The color of the material is determined by the different species of seaweed – ranging from dark brown to light green. The seaweed is harvested along the coastlines. After being dried, the seaweed is ground into powder and cooked into glue, utilizing the viscous and adhesive effect of the Alginate – the natural polymer of the brown algae. So smart you are! Take care of your momma and grandma, Best wishes, Doreen Baumann. (as per the following:)

Environmentally Friendly Material Developed from Seaweed ... › environmentally-friendly-...

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