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Meet My Critters

Let me introduce you to the Critters in my first book, Sid the Fiddler and the Coastal Critters, that is available on May 1, 2021. They are Sid the Fiddler, Beulah the Blue Crab, Skip the Shrimp, Daisy the Marsh Tacky, Maud the Sporting Dog, Rey the Osprey, Sharon the Great Blue Heron, Finn the Dolphin, Tom the Red Drum, Joyce the Oyster, Mildred the Loggerhead and Quinn the Diamondback Terrapin. They work together as a team to keep their beaches and marinas safe and clean. They don't realize that plastic pollution is taking over their ocean. They don't understand that protecting nature is no longer viewed as an option but as a necessity. We have to do something before we not only lose these critters and many more, but also their ecosystems so important to our planet.

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